BBQ Whole Smoked Pig
Pre Butchered Primals Then BBQ Smoked

I do not buy frozen pigs like the majority of the pig roasters out there!!
I only use local farm fresh pig. The Berkshire pig, The Kobe of Pork, from Lylac Hedge Farm is amazing. The day the pig is butchered and it goes immediately into a brown sugar brine for 48 hours. The night before your party I put the pig into the smoker and it is BBQ'd in apple wood for up to 24 hours until it is pull tender. This procedure is tedious and costly but the outcome is truely the best you will experience. I am truly passionate about my BBQ and will only put out the absolute best product.

If you would like to have the pig butchered prior to the event, I can then cook different primal parts. Shoulders and Legs for pulled pork and rib roast and pork chops and steak cuts for the grill. This provides a variety of different tasting pork products.
$19.95 per person with a 75 person minimum
(pricing may vary for towns outside of Worcester)
BBQ Sauce
Baked Beans
Heavy Cutlery



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